AirCastPro: Print Server for iOS/AirPrint

AirPrint For Your Dye-sub Photo Printer
AirPrint For Your Photo Booth

AirPrint DNP AirPrint Mitsubishi AirPrint Sinfonia AirPrint Hiti

Make your printer an AirPrint (and Android!) Photo Printer

AirPrint Made Easy with AircastPro™
AirPrint Like You Mean It.
AirPrint Made Easy and Intuitive

No Host Computer Needed

AirPrint with your non-AirPrint dye-sub printer without the need of a host computer. No complicated setups to worry about.

AirPrint Made Easy and Intuitive

AirPrint Made Easy and Intuitive

Printer setup and administrating AircastPro™ is as simple as plugging in and connecting.

Monitor and Administrate Your AirPrint Printers

AirPrint Photo Booth Printer

Dye sub printers are the choice for photo booths- AirCastPro™ turns your Hiti, Citizen, FujiFilm, Sinfonia, Mistubishi, or DNP printer into a powerful AirPrint Photo Booth printer.

4 USB 2.0 Ports for AirPrint

No Image Distortion

That's right- AirCastPro™ will not stretch or distort your photos.

Universal Power

Print Copies Effortlessly

AirCastPro™ prints copies as you would expect: choose a photo and set your print copy quantity.

The Printers You Need through AirPrint

iPad & Android
Photo Booths

Just about any Photo Booth app is compatible with AirCastPro™.

AirPrint Hotspot Access Point

Hotspot Access Point

Wireless network out of the box. Customize your hotspot access point if you choose.

Internet through your Access Point

Need Internet?

Connect to a wireless network or use the built-in 10/1000 ethernet port to enable internet through your AirCastPro™ hotspot access point.

Create Printer Pools for AirPrint

Print Pools

Use any mix of printers to create printer pools for your high-output events.

Internet through your Access Point

Share With your Computers

AirCastPro™ goes beyond AirPrint: you can share your connected AirCastPro™ printers with your computers too!

Small FootPrint

Fast, Reliable, Powerful.

AirCastPro™ performs in a class of its own. No other solution can match its quality or performance.

Small FootPrint

Small Footprint

AirCastPro™ is pocket-sized but packs a serious punch.

AirCastPro™ In Detail

AirPrint has never been easier.

Set Up and AirPrint in Minutes

AirPrint Setup AirCastPro AirCastPro™ allows you to utilize printers from your iOS® device that would not otherwise be accessible. Setup and configuration is easy– connect your printer(s), power it up, and connect to the “AirCastPro” wifi hotspot. AirCastPro™ can be remotely configured with any computer, phone, or tablet that can use a modern web browser.
Your AirCastPro™ comes with a 5v micro USB power supply. Plug the micro USB end into the AirCastPro™ unit. There is no power switch on the unit itself and will power on once it is plugged in.

Power Up and Connect

AirPrint Wifi with AirCastPro Once you have powered your AirCastPro™ unit, its hotspot broadcast should be detectable after about 30 seconds after powering the unit on. Use the device of your choice to connect to your AirCastPro™ unit and look for the “AirCastPro” hotspot in your wifi connection setup:
SSID: AirCastPro
Once connected, use a web browser to go to this address:
The AirCastPro™ landing page provides two links:
Administration Link: Access to AirCastPro™ settings
Documentation Link: Access to the html version of this guide
Use the Administration page to connect to another wireless network for internet. You can also just plug in to the built-in 10/1000 for internet as well.
AirPrint Printer Pools with AirCastPro

Printers: Plug, Power Up

AirCastPro™ will attempt to detect your printer. Locate and select your printer from the discovery list. Setting up a network printer is identical to a USB connected printer.
Make sure you have connected your printer to your AirCastPro™ unit and have the printer turned on. Use the plus (+) button below the “Printers and Pools” listbox to discover and set up your printer. You will need to select the proper driver for your printer.
AirCastPro™ will try to narrow the list of drivers. Some printers provide limited information and can make it more difficult to automatically detect the correct driver. If AirCastPro™ does not list the correct driver for your printer, use the “show all drivers” link to browse a list of all available drivers.
Select the driver for your printer and press the continue button.
Next, you can set your printer’s options, such as paper size, color correction, and other printer specific options by using the two pop-up menus provided.
Once you select and set your printer’s option, press the finish button. Your printer should now show in the “Printers and Pools” list, ready for use.

Print Pools:
High Volume with Ease

A Printer Pool is a collection or grouping of printers that work together to expedite print jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible through a process called load balancing.
When printing to a pool, the print will be automatically sent to a printer that is available or has the least amount of jobs in its queue. A Printer Pool will also redirect jobs away from a printer that has stopped because of an error (paper jam, out of paper, etc), keeping your workflow moving.

A Printer Pool will look and act just like a normal printer to your application. Even though a printer may be part of a Printer Pool, you can still select and use any printer outside of the pool.
You can add any printer to a pool; it does not need to be the same make or model as other printers in the pool. You should, however, be sure that your printers in a pool are set to the same page output (print size). The first printer added to a pool should be the fastest of your printers– it will receive priority over other printers in your pool.
Creating a Printer Pool requires at least one printer set up in AirCastPro™.

AirCastPro™: Reliable AirPrint Photo Booth Print Solution.

Photo Printers to AirPrint
There is no doubt that dye-sub printers are the choice of event photographers. AirCastPro™ turns your Hiti, Citizen, FujiFilm, Sinfonia, Mistubishi, and DNP printers into AirPrint compatible printers.

iPad Booth with AirPrint? AirCastPro™ is Your Print Solution.
Just about any AirPrint capable Photo Booth app is compatible with AirCastPro™. Simple Booth Halo and Halo 2, Luma, Mini PhotoBooth, Babeland, Photo Media Booth, SnapPic, Salsa, and PixBooth 2 are some that work with AirCastPro™.

AirCastPro™ Demo

Feature-rich and Easy to Use

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AirCastPro™: Take AirPrint Printing to the Next Level

  • Easy and Intuitive
  • Built-in Hotspot Access Point
  • Advanced Admin Control
  • Hiti, Citizen, FujiFilm, Sinfonia, Mistubishi, and DNP printers supported.
  • Printer Pools: Next-Level Productivity
  • Internet through Wifi or 10/1000 Ethernet
  • No Print Distortion
  • Supports AirPrint Copy Printing
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • Share with your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

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