AirCastPro: Print Server for iOS/AirPrintAirCastPro: Print Server for iOS/AirPrint
AirCastPro turns your printer into a powerful AirPrint Photo Printer

AirPrint For Your Dye-sub Photo Printer
AirPrint For Your Photo Booth

AirPrint Primera AirPrint Sinfonia AirPrint FujiFilm
AirPrint Hiti AirPrint Citizen AirPrint Sony
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Make your printer an AirPrint Photo Printer

AirPrint Made Easy with AircastPro™
AirPrint Like You Mean It.
AirPrint Made Easy and Intuitive


Plug in your printer and let AirCastPro™ do the rest; discover and configure your printer for you.

AirPrint Made Easy and Intuitive


You can now drag and drop your images to one of AirCastPro™'s hotfolders for quick, easy and worry-free printing.

Monitor and Administrate Your AirPrint Printers


AirCastPro™ II has replaced its already fast imaging engine with the brand-new, ultra-fast HEIPr™ Engine. HEIPr™ is fast- very fast. See the bench tests.

AirCastPro™ supports even more printers.


Primera, Sinfonia, Citizen, Mitsubishi, Hiti, FujiFilm, DNP, Sony, Kodak, and Shinko printers are supported by AirCastPro™.

Universal Power


Add custom overcoat watermarks to your prints (Most Citizen and DNP Printers).

The Printers You Need through AirPrint


See how much paper your printer has right from your printer's listing with AirCastPro™'s new visual paper gauge.

AirPrint Hotspot Access Point


More responsive, flexible wifi with password verification and AC (2.4GHz/5GHz) wifi.

Internet through your Access Point


Need to reprint an image? The Reprint Gallery lets to see the image, choose the number of prints, and change the printer if you need.

Create Printer Pools for AirPrint

Redesigned PRINT QUEUE

The new Print queue will now show the status of your image as well as an image thumbnail.

Internet through your Access Point


Users can now select a variety of color profiles associated with their printer (if applicable).

Create Printer Pools for AirPrint

More Languages

19 Supported Languages:
English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Korean, and Hungarian.

Internet through your Access Point

Print Pools

Use any mix of printers to create printer pools for your high-output events.

4 USB 2.0 Ports for AirPrint

No Image Distortion

That's right- AirCastPro™ will not stretch or distort your photos.

The Printers You Need through AirPrint

Instant Borders

AirCastPro™ can add borders automatically to any of your prints.

Internet through your Access Point

Hotspot & Internet

Wireless network out of the box. Customize your hotspot access point if you choose. Connect to a wireless network to enable internet through your AirCastPro™ hotspot access point.

AirCastPro™ In Detail

AirPrint has never been easier.

Plug & Print

AirPrint AirCastPro Getting started couldn’t be easier: Connect your printer and AirCastPro™II will take care of the rest!
With AirCastPro™II’s incredibly easy setup comes a long list of powerful features and options for seasoned users.
Custom printer instances and print pools, instant borders, watermarks, built-in hotspot, wifi, and more. AirCastPro™II is compatible with iOS®, iPad OS™, Android®, Mac®, Windows®, and Linux systems.

Power Up and Connect

AirPrint Wifi with AirCastPro AirCastPro™II provides its own built-in hotspot with customizable network name (SSID) and password.
Internet through AirCastPro™II’s hotspot is fed through an outside wifi network, which can be accessed through the AirCastPro™II General settings page. Ethernet is also an option available to connect to an outside network.

AirCastPro™II print services can be made available on any of its network interfaces.
AirCastPro II Lightning-fast HEIPr Engine

HEIPr™ Engine: Warp Speed.

AirCastPro™II has replaced its already fast imaging engine with the brand-new, ultra-fast HEIPr™ Engine.
HEIPr™ can process images from two times faster with smaller images and as much as twenty-five times faster for very large images than its predecessor.

The HEIPr™ Engine is responsible for adding borders, resizing and cropping images if needed, and converting a multitude of image formats into a printable format. In most cases, it is a good idea to keep HEIPr™ on.
AirCastPro Hot Folder Printing

Hot Folders = Drag & Drop Printing

Hot folder printing is the process of copying one or more images into a designated folder, which lets AirCastPro™II print these images.
Hot folder printing can be used with laptops as well desktop computers as well as iOS® and iPad OS® (iOS® version 13 or greater).

Your workflow may need a solution where a photographer needs to regularly download images for print or you may use a photo or imaging app that allow you to save images in a location of your choice. Either way, hot folder printing is the easiest way to move your photos from disk to prints.

Print Pools:
High Volume with Ease

A Printer Pool is a collection or grouping of printers that work together to expedite print jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible through a process called load balancing.
When printing to a pool, the print will be automatically sent to a printer that is available or has the least amount of jobs in its queue. A Printer Pool will also redirect jobs away from a printer that has stopped because of an error (paper jam, out of paper, etc), keeping your workflow moving.

A Printer Pool will look and act just like a normal printer to your application. Even though a printer may be part of a Printer Pool, you can still select and use any printer outside of the pool.
You can add any printer to a pool; it does not need to be the same make or model as other printers in the pool. You should, however, be sure that your printers in a pool are set to the same page output (print size). The first printer added to a pool should be the fastest of your printers– it will receive priority over other printers in your pool.
Creating a Printer Pool requires at least one printer set up in AirCastPro™.

Better Visual Cues. Better Workflow.

AirCastPro Print Queue Print Queue
The Print Queue will display a thumbnail of incoming images, how many prints are in progress, what printer/print pool the image is assigned, as well as the status of each print.

Printer List
AirCastPro Printer List The Printer list gives you a summary of configured printers/print pools and their media levels. These new Printer list visual cues make it much easier to assess the status of your printers at-a-glance.

Need to find an earlier print? We can do that.

AirCastPro Reprint Gallery The Reprint Gallery will display previous print jobs, beginning with the most recent. Each image will attempt to select the printer that it assigned but will allow you to select any current printer that is configured by AirCastPro™II as well as set the desired number of copies.

Images in the Reprint Gallery can be deleted individually or the entire Reprint Gallery can be cleared at once.

Instant Border Printing

AirCastPro Instant Borders Since the introduction of AirCastPro™, users have been able to use their own custom borders for instant border printing.
Since then, border printing was added to Printer Pooling as well. AirCast Pro™II provides the ability to set both portrait and landscape borders.

AirCastPro™II will attempt to detect your image's orientation and will automatically select the appropriate border. If you plan to print only one orientation, you can use the corresponding border orientation and leave the other without a border.

Overcoat Watermarking

AirCastPro Overcoat Watermarking Overcoat Watermarking is the process of using an image to "etch" itself into the finish of your print.
You've seen this done with official ID cards, advertisements, and copyrighted images. Imagine your print with its glossy finish. Now imagine "dull" areas in the finish, perhaps in the shape of your logo.
Overcoat Watermarking is subtle, most noticeable when light strikes the surface of your photo just right.

Overcoat Watermarking is available for most Citizen and DNP Printers.

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3T Enterprise

AirCastPro™: Built for Event Photography

  • iOS, iPad OS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Built-in Hotspot Access Point and AC (2.4GHz/5GHz) Wifi.
  • Printer Auto-Discovery and configure
  • Sinfonia, Citizen, Mitsubishi, Hiti, FujiFilm, DNP, Sony, & Shinko
  • Printer Pooling
  • Border Printing
  • Distortion-free printing
  • Ultra-fast HEIPr™ Engine
  • Drag and Drop Hotfolder Printing
  • Overcoat Watermarking for most Citizen and DNP Printers
  • Visual Paper gauge
  • Reprint Gallery
  • Informative Print Queue
  • Printer ICC profiles

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