iOS: No Prints / Blank Prints / Slow Printing with AirCastPro 3

AirCastPro 3 will not print, prints blank pages, or prints slowly.

As of this writing, Apple has released iOS / iPad OS 17.4.1 which fixes long-standing printing issues caused with the release of iOS / iPad OS 17. We urge all AirCastPro 3 users to upgrade to version 17.4.1 or later.

iOS / iPad OS 17 was released September 18, 2023 and introduced a host of new features, as well as major issues with printing. Versions of iOS / iPad OS 17 below 17.4 failed to recognize print sizes other than generic sizes; If your camera setting was set to “High Efficiency”, iOS 17 would send blank pages to print. Some users have reported that other AirPrint Printers (not AirCastPro) were not visible with iOS / iPad OS 17.

iOS / iPad OS 17.4 was released on March 5, 2024 and resolved these printing issues. Apple has since released iOS / iPad OS 17.4.1, which serves as a security update an maintains printing integrity.

If you have upgraded to iOS 17.4 or later and experience any issues with AirCastPro 3, please contact your reseller for assistance.