iOS / iPad OS 17 Printing issues, Blank Prints

Several printing issues have been identified since the release of iOS 17: printer visibility issues, generic page size issues, and blank prints. Apple has addressed these issues with the release of iOS 17.4.
We strongly recommend all iOS users upgrade to version 17.4.

Apple will now send your High Efficiency images wrapped as a PDF but you may get white space above/below or on each side of the image. All versions of AirCastPro have a "whitespace removal" option that will correct this, but we suggest all users change their Camera Setting (in the Settings app) to use "Most Compatible".

The "Most Compatible" setting will save all images in JPG format and will not contain whitespace around your photo. Using this option is a faster, more efficient method of printing and you will not lose quality in prints.

To enable white space removal edit your printer in the AirCastPro General Settings page.