AirCastPro II Printing with Android

Printing with Android® 

    1. Connect to the AirCastPro Hotspot or the same network AirCastPro™II is connected.
    2. Be sure at least one printer is connected and configured with AirCastPro™II. 
    3. Open the Settings App, go to Default Printing Service and turn it on. Use the search option to quickly find “Default Printing Service”.
    4. Find the print option in your App. In some Apps, the print option can be found in the ellipsis icon.
    5. Press the reveal icon to show available printers. Select a printer  from the list. Your printer will show “AirCastPro” as its location.
    6. Print the document.





AirCastPro™II is compatible with some 3rd party Apps like “Let’s Print Droid”.