Overcoat Watermarking

Works with:
DNP DS620, DS820, & QW410
Citizen CX-02W, CX-02, & CZ-01

What is Overcoat Watermarking?
Overcoat Watermarking is the process of using an image to "etch" itself into the finish of your print.
You've seen this done with official ID cards, advertisements, and copyrighted images. Imagine your print with its glossy finish. Now imagine "dull" areas in the finish, perhaps in the shape of your logo.
Overcoat Watermarking is subtle, most noticeable when light strikes the surface of your photo just right.


Creating a Graphic for Overcoat Watermarking

  • For best results, your graphic should be black, set onto a white background.
  • Your finished graphic file should match the dimensions of your print size (ex. 4x6, 1200x1800 pixels).
  • Your finished graphic should be saved as a JPG file.


Loading your Overcoat Watermark Graphic into AirCastPro™II

  1. Connect your Phone, tablet, or computer to AirCastPro™II and access the Network Share Volume (See Network Share Volume).
  2. Copy your custom Overcoat Watermark graphic(s) to the "Watermark" directory.
  3. Go to the AirCastPro™II General settings page with your web browser, choose the printer you wish to add your Overcoat Watermark and press the "Edit" button below the printer list.
  1. In the Edit dialog, use the "Option" pop-up menu and  select “Overcoat Pattern". Next, use the "Value" pop-up menu and select any value that contains "Partial". Doing this will reveal the Watermark pop-up menu. Select your custom Overcoat Watermark graphic in the pop-up menu. Press "Save" to apply the changes to your printer setup.

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