AirCastPro II Printer Options

Printer Specific Options

NOTE: Available options will vary depending on the manufacturer and printer model. Below are some of the most common options.

Print Size
Shows the relevant print sizes capable with the media installed in your printer.
NOTE: If editing a printer that is offline, the Print Size option will show all sizes the printer driver  supports.

Color Model
Lists available color models (RGB, CMY, CMYK, etc). The default value is "RGB"".

Color Precision
Sets the value of color reproduction.
The default value is "Best".

Some printers offer various print resolutions. The default value is "300".

Overcoat Pattern
This controls the finish of your print. AirCastPro™II uses the printer's default, which is mostly "Glossy".
Most DNP printers have "Partial" overcoat options. Partial overcoat patterns are not available on the DNP DS40 and RX1. Please see "Overcoat Watermarking" for more information.

Print Speed
Sets the printer speed. AirCastPro™II uses the printer's default, which is usually "Normal" or "Fine".

No Cut-Paper Waste
Set this option to "True" to reduce paper waste. AirCastPro™II defaults to "False".

Image Sharpening
Used to sharpen your print. Option is set on a numerical scale, from 0-9; the default is  "4".

Color Correction
Provides varying degree of color correction. AirCastPro™II defaults to "Raw", leaving your images untouched. 

Controls the brightness of your prints. AirCastPro™II defaults to "None".

Controls the contrast of your prints. AirCastPro™II defaults to "None".

Controls the saturation of your prints. AirCastPro™II defaults to "None".

Image Type
Sets the type of file expected to print. AirCastPro™II defaults to "Photo".

Composite Gamma
Sets the gamma of your prints. AirCastPro™II defaults to "1100".


AirCastPro™II Print Features

Landscape/Portrait Borders
Use your own custom borders for prints. See "Print Borders" for more information.

ICC Profile
AirCastPro™II will attempt to select the default ICC profile for your printer. Other profiles, made for specialty paper, for instance, may also be available.

Fill the Print Area
Fills the entire print area with the image using center-weighted cropping.
Deselect this option of you want the image to fit to the page size with no cropping. Unless the image and  print area are the same aspect ratio, there will be margins of whitespace.

Remove Excess Whitespace
Some images are converted to PDF format and are embedded with whitespace padding. If you find that your image is overly zoomed or shows areas of unwanted whitespace, Select this option.

Bypass HEIPr™ Engine
AirCastPro™II has replaced its already fast imaging engine with the brand-new, ultra-fast HEIPr™ Engine. HEIPr™ can process images from two times faster with smaller images and as much as twenty-five times faster for very large images than its predecessor.
The HEIPr™ Engine is responsible for adding borders, resizing and cropping images if needed, and converting a multitude of image formats into a printable format. In most cases, it is a good idea to keep HEIPr™ on.
There may be situations where the source image matches the print output and the file is small enough where bypassing HEIPr™ is the best solution for printing. Select this option to deactivate the HEIPr™ Engine.

Create Hot Folder
AirCastPro™II enables hot folder printing by default. If you wish to disable it, deselect this option.

Remaining Prints
If your printer is online, AirCastPro™II will poll your printer for media levels. If your printer is offline, the Remaining Prints count will be an estimate.

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