Print Borders

With AirCastPro™II, you can automatically add a graphic border to your print.


Select a Border

Open the Edit dialog of the printer you wish to add borders. In the Borders section of the Edit dialog, use the pop-up menus to select landscape and portrait versions of your border.

NOTE: AirCastPro™II will attempt to detect your image's orientation and will automatically select the appropriate border. If you plan to print only one orientation, you can use the corresponding border orientation and leave the other without a border.

After making your selection(s), click "Save".


Adding Your Custom Borders to AirCastPro™II

When creating your custom border, the image should:

  • Match the size of your print (ex. 4x6 print should be 1200x1800 pixels).
  • Saved as a PNG file.

If you plan to process both portrait and landscape oriented images with AirCastPro™II, consider creating portrait and landscape versions of your border.


Loading your Borders into AirCastPro™II 

  • Connect your Phone, tablet, or computer to AirCastPro™II and access the Network Share Volume (See Network Share Volume).
  • Copy your custom border graphics to the "Borders" directory.
  • Go to the AirCastPro™II General settings page with your web browser, choose the printer you wish to add your borders and press the "Edit" button below the printer list.
  • In the Edit dialog, use the Border landscape and portrait menus to select your new border graphics. Press "Save" to apply the changes to your printer setup.