Primera Impressa IP60 Inkjet Setup and Troubleshooting

Primera Impressa IP60

Power your AirCastPro II Express and IP60 on.
Connect your IP60 to your AirCastPro II Express with a USB cable.

If your printer is not discovered after 10 seconds:

  • Use AirCastPro's Subsystem Controls>Subsystem Reset.
  • Cycle the power of the IP60.
  • Cycle the power of the AirCastPro II Express.

Once AirCastPro II Express configures your IP60 printer, it will be discoverable on the AirCastPro network as well as any other network connections you have established.

AirCastPro II Express makes your IP60 printer AirPrint and IPP compatible, meaning that you can use it to print from your iOS, iPadOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. This also means that you can use the IP60 with ANY AirPrint or IPP compatible photo booth app.

As with all AirCastPro compatible printers, the Primera Impressa IP60 printer can be used with printer pooling. Please note that if you are pooling multiple IP60 printers, you will need to give each printer a unique serial number (Primera provides a tool to change your IP60 serial numbers).

Printing Errors
Before proceeding, check to be sure that you remove all prints from the AirCastPro II Express printer queue and be sure that there aren't any prints stuck in the iOS Print Center Queue (swipe up, check to see if the Print Center app is active).

Always check your IP60 printer status lights in the event of a print error. The problem is often a simple solution (no ink, out of paper).

In some cases, your error may be caused by your paper not properly feeding into the printer. The printer will produce an audible "chirp" when the paper is fed properly into the printer.

If all else fails, try switching the printer to the top-left USB port.