AirCastPro II Share Volume

AirCastPro Share Address & Credentials 

Network Address:

(Only if you are connected to the AirCastPro Hotspot)

User Name : aircastpro
Password : aircastpro


Connecting from iOS® and iPad OS® 

*For iOS® 13 or later

  1. Connect to the AirCastPro Hotspot or the same network AirCastPro™II is connected.
    Open the Files app.
    In the upper-right corner of the Browse page, click the ellipsis (...).
    Select the "Connect to Server" option.
  2. In the Server field, type:
  3. The next screen will ask if you wish to connect as a Guest or Registered User. Choose "Registered User" and enter the following credentials:
  4. Name: aircastpro
    Password: aircastpro

Press the "Next" link at the top of the page. If the information was entered correctly, The AirCastProShare volume should be available.


Connecting from Android®

Connecting to AirCastPro™II's shared volume with Android® requires use of a third-party application capable of accessing SMB (samba) network volumes such as X-plore File Manager. Server address, username, and password is the same as connecting via iOS® (see Connecting from iOS® and iPad OS®).


Connecting from Windows® 

  1. Connect to the AirCastPro Hotspot.
    Press the Windows Key and "R" key to open the Run dialog.
  2. Enter the address in the Run text field:
  3. If you have iTunes® installed, you can use the mDNS name:
  4. Press the "OK" button.
  5. When prompted for user information, connect as a registered user:
    Password: aircastpro

The AirCastPro Share volume is now accessible. 


Connecting from Mac OS® 

Connect to the AirCastPro Hotspot.

Method 1
In a web browser, enter

The browser will ask for permission to use the to connect.

Method 2
From the Finder, press CMD + K to open the "Go  to Server..." dialog.
Enter the address in the provided field


Connecting from Linux 

Go to the Network browse in your Linux Desktop Environment.
Find the AirCastPro shared volume.
When attempting to open the volume, you will be asked for your credentials:
User Name : aircastpro
Password : aircastpro