AirCastPro Factory Reset

Is your AirCastPro™ v1/AirCastPro™ II behaving strangely or have you forgotten your access passwords?
You can return your AirCastPro™ v1/AirCastPro™ II to its factory default settings by using the ACP_RESET option.

Use the ACP_RESET option if:

  • Admin password was forgotten, preventing access to the AirCastPro™ General Settings page.
  • The AirCastPro™ Hotspot is inaccessible or no longer visible.
  • mDNS issues preventing printer access.
  • Unusual or unexpected behavior.

Creating the ACP_RESET

  • Use a flash drive, formatted as FAT32 (most are by default).
  • Rename the flash drive: ACP_RESET (must be exactly as shown).
  • Turn off your AirCastPro™ unit.
  • Plug in the ACP_RESET flash drive into one of the available USB ports on your AirCastPro™ unit.
  • Power your AirCastPro™ unit on.
  • Allow up to 2 MINUTES for the unit to reset and reboot. The AirCastPro Hotspot should be visible and accessible when complete.
  • Connect to the AirCastPro hotspot (default password is aircastpro). Use a web browser and go to http://AirCastPro.local or
  • Confirm that the reset was successful. All settings should revert to factory defaults.
  • Remove the flash drive.