Sinfonia S3: No Media Available

Issue: Sinfonia S3 Shows No Media Available

If the media gauge for your Sinfonia S3 shows no media, AirCastPro II may not have been able to properly set up your printer.

S3 takes time to completely initialize.
In our testing, it took the Sinfonia S3 about 25 seconds to completely initialize after powering the printer. To correctly set up your S3 with AirCastPro II:

Wait at least 25 seconds after powering your S3 before connecting to AirCastPro II.

If you've connected and the printer shows no remaining prints:

  1. Click on the "Subsystem Control" text below the printer list box in the AirCastPro General Settings page.
  2. Click "Reset Subsystem Now" in the proceeding dialog box.
  3. Your previous S3 installation will be removed and AirCastPro II will auto-discover and set up your S3 again.